Saturday, 22 November 2014

So, what's this blog about?

So, what's this blog about?

Well, recently I read this story on Soylent News, about processing old Voyager probe data, and when reading up the background discovered the data archive of Voyager probe results, alongside Cassini, Venus Express and a bunch of other active probes. All the image data is open access, and available for download.

So, I started hacking on it, and this blog is the results of that hacking - it's a quick programmers guide on how to get at this data, and unpack it for processing and generating images.

As a disclaimer, there are much better ways to get image data if you're only interested in the post-processed versions: NASA and the ESA both provide image search engines which can be used to get images, and you're better off starting over at somewhere like the NASA Planetary Data System Archive. This set of pages is really for those of us who want to look behind the curtain at some of the starting data points and to get an idea of the processing done.

Updates will be irregular - really concentrating on when I have some new code or information on the probe data. Don't expect a daily update here.

And now, on with the show....