Sunday, 4 October 2015

Some Sample outputs

Here's a couple of sample point clouds derived from the defaults used, with a Sony DSLR-A850.

This is "the building across the road from the Fox in Shipley", and the image set used has 34 images with 6048*4032 pixels apiece.

There are two runs here; one at default and one at high resolution. Processing these as a background task on my desktop (i5-2300@2.8G) is ~10-15 Minutes per image on default, with four or five hours for feature matching and  bundle adjustment at a bit over four and a half hours. For the high resolution version it's about 20-25 minutes per image, with the matcher taking 12 hours and the bundle adjustment another 13 hours or so.

Default Resolution

High Resolution
The higher resolution images shows the improved detail tracking in the lower contrast image regions, with many more features resolved on the roof in particular and lamp post body.