Monday, 2 July 2018

Privacy and Tracking Notice Thing...


So, the blog went private for a bit over paranoia about GDPR and a definite lack of time to see how it affects Blogspot, and no useful information from Google on this front. However as a result I've put a privacy notice up here as text. I've also removed and disabled comments, which is slightly depressing given how useful they were, but since the paranoia is strong I didn't want to worry about it at all, and nuking them from orbit was the only way to be sure.

Privacy and Tracking

This is a individual's blog built on the Google Blogger platform for personal interests.

Blogspot and Google use cookies and collect standard internet log information and track the details and activity of visitors to this blog and related links. This is for the purposes of traffic management and for Google's own usage. For further details and any questions see Google's information page and details on Google's information usage. You should see a banner warning you of the use of cookies on the blog page.

Google provides me with data on overall and per-page visitor counts, coarse geographical information (country level) on visitors, and referring traffic sources. This information is anonymised and I do not have access to any personally identifying information from this data.

I do not make any attempt to find out the identities of those visiting this blog or use any additional third-party services to track visitors.

Comments have been removed and disabled. If you left a comment on this blog originally it will have been copied to me as an email, but the comment on the blog is gone. Sorry.

Some internal download links for sources and documents may refer to shared files on Google Drive. I do not track download requests. Google may log this information, and for further details and any questions see Google's information.

I do not run a mailing list.

If you deliberately follow the blog Google will tell me. I recommend you do not. I also recommend that you install a cookie blocker and disable scripting where possible. Seriously: I have no idea who you are, Google doesn't tell me, I have no wish to find out and I've turned off everything I can that might even give me a clue.

Questions on this blog should be sent to the Gmail account for the user "fatsfattylardaceous". Include the word "Blog" in the subject line to avoid spam filtering. Replies may take a while. Questions about the data Google collects and how it is used should go directly to Google. Privacy policy notice as provided is based on the Thrive Notice Toolkit.